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Wine & Lecture: Genesis of the Grand Fleet

Thursday, November 18, 2021 | 5:30 pm

Genesis of the Grand Fleet

Join 2001 CHA Graduate Dr. Christopher Buckey as he describes the origins of the British Grand Fleet, the steel armada that helped win the First World War for the Entente powers by controlling the waters of Northern Europe. The story begins with the expansion of the Imperial Germany Navy at the turn of the twentieth century. In response the British began reorganizing their naval forces at home, a process accelerated when Sir John Fisher took over as professional head of the Royal Navy.  By 1907 the previous piecemeal semi-independent commands were being grouped together into a new "Home Fleet '' operating in the North Sea.  At the same time, domestic politics, personal rivalries, and fiscal concerns weighed heavily on the Royal Navy. Dr. Buckey will take us on a tour of how the British Admiralty maintained its maritime preeminence in the early twentieth century.

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