Our Islander Interns have been busy this year! This year's cohort of CHS Interns created a new Walking Tour App, highlighting some of their favorite historic places in Coronado. Are you interested in exploring Coronado's architecture? Download the Geotourist App in the Google Play or Apple App Store on your mobile device, search for the Coronado Historical Association, and take the tour! 

You can also click the picture below to access the tour!

This tour will take you on a scenic tour of Coronado. As is what happens during the course of history, a couple of the Gill structures that existed on Coronado at some point, are no longer standing today. Our CHA Interns hope you find this walking tour informative and fun! Enjoy! 
CHA's Islander Intern Program
Each year students from Coronado High School apply to be CHA Interns. In addition to receiving school credit, the students create their own CHA's program. CHA is proud to partner with the Coronado School District to offer Coronado High School internships. We also delighted to thank Coronado Rotary, who sponsors this program. We're excited to introduce you to this year's interns!
Paloma, 16, CHS Junior
Q: Tell us about the project you are working on.
I am doing the oral history internship, and right now we are working on our Coffee & Conversations project. The first one is asking the community about the small businesses in old Coronado. What were the best places to go? What was the atmosphere like in those mom-and-pop shops? I'm interested in that since today we have more chain places without that community feel. We want to know if they knew the owners, what the feeling was like.
Annie, 16, CHS Junior
Q: What interested you in participating the CHA Internship Program?
I have always been interested in history. My sister was part of the CHA internship program last year, and she raved about it to me and how interesting it was! That convinced me to come in. I always knew I wanted to pursue an internship program in the future so I was excited to have this opportunity.
Maddy, 16, CHS Junior
Q: What are you most excited for during your internship?
For my project, I am designing an exhibit interactive for the museum and it’s about communications between prisoners of war during Vietnam and their families and the U.S. government. I am excited to keep designing these exhibit interactives. I have a lot of freedom for interactive designs to be able to teach people about POW ciphers in a way that I think will best enhance their learning. I am really excited to design more interactives!
Sadie, 16, CHS Junior
Q: What interested you in participating in the CHA Internship Program?
A large part had to do with the CHA summer camps I did when I was younger. I have always liked history, especially local history - when the internship was presented to us by our teacher I was really interested. I am working on marketing for Coffee & Conversations. I design different graphics for social media and plan on how we are going to market each event and encourage people to come!