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Ripple Effect: Paul Louis Granger

It was after 11 p.m., and the streets of Hanoi were deserted. Everywhere he looked, Paul Granger glimpsed a city in disrepair: dilapidated buildings held together with bamboo scaffolding, streets strewn with potholes, and a crater large enough to hold an SUV. It was 1994: could this still be damage from the American bombing in 1972? It had been more than twenty years since the end of the Vietnam War. Relations between the United States and Vietnam were better, but they were not yet “normalized.” That would not happen for another year.

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From the Vault: Harold Taylor Collection Slide 105

This photo, presumibly taken by famed photogapher Harold Taylor, can be thought to be taken in one of the United States many national parks. A number of Taylor's photos feature national parks, some in color, but most are like this one in black and white. Although Taylor was known to have furthered the development and had his own unqiue way of creating his colored autochromes, black and white lantern slides make up the majority of glass photos we have in our collection. 

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From The Vault: Harold Taylor Collection Slide 43

Harold Taylor was known for his nature photography, specifically of national parks and flowers as part of his role at the Coronado Floral Association. Here, he has photographed some orange California poppies, which became the state's flower in 1903. His original color glass lantern slides give us a glimpse into the past that is mostly seen in black and white (although he does have a number of black and white photographs as well).