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Advocacy Policy / Requests

CHA's Advocacy Policy

Advocacy often solely implies the act of lobbying political bodies either for or against matters of public policy. This document uses a broader definition of advocacy–one that includes all the ways the Coronado Historical Association acts in the interest of its mission and community. 

Background & Introduction: 

The Coronado Historical Association has a stated interest in our local heritage in its many forms and may choose to advocate about community issues. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the authority and responsibility of individuals or groups while they are associated in an official capacity with the Association and to state the process for making official statements or responses.  With the aim of ensuring that its advocacy is well-founded and well-directed, the Association’s Board of Directors (Board) has authorized the Executive Director to address these matters. The Executive Director and his professional staff will evaluate requests for advocacy according to the following guidelines and provide recommendations to the appropriate bodies for their action.


The Coronado Historical Association restricts the number of persons who are authorized to communicate (including responding to inquiries) on behalf of the Association (the “Authorized Spokespersons”) to the media, legislators, and other officials. The Executive Director serves as the Authorized Spokesperson, under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Board or Executive Director may appoint other spokespersons as needed, in accordance with these Advocacy Procedures. As a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, the Association will not institutionally endorse any candidate for any purpose in any election. However, the Association may educate the public or engage legislators or other public officials about issues in line with the Association’s mission. All Association staff and directors are free to advocate for issues on any topic in their personal lives. However, when doing so, they must clearly and explicitly indicate that they are acting as private citizens and not as the representative of the Association.

Advocacy Review Procedures:

  1. A request for support must be presented in writing, including a website or relevant documentation, and in language that thoroughly explains the issue. A list of co-signers should be attached to the request. The request must comply with the Coronado Historical Association’s mission. “Requests” can originate from outside the Association, or internally from Institutional Committees, such as the Heritage Team, or staff reviews. 
  2. The Executive Director reviews the request and determines if it meets the policy criteria and mission of the Association. The Executive Director submits his or her recommendation to the Executive Committee. If the request is unanimously supported by the Executive Committee, the Executive Director may proceed with the advocacy action. 
  3. If the request is not unanimously supported but is deemed to meet the criteria, it is placed on the next full Board agenda for review. The Executive Director provides a recommendation to the Board with relevant materials. The Board reviews materials and votes to endorse, reject, or make no official comment on the issue. A Board vote must occur with the same requirements of all votes. 
  4. In an event of an emergent situation requiring immediate advocacy or comment, the Executive Director will submit his or her recommendation to the Executive Committee. If the request is unanimously supported by the Executive Committee, the Executive Director may proceed with the advocacy action. If the request is not unanimously supported, the Executive Director will take no immediate action and the Association will make no official comment.

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