So many exciting things are happening behind-the-scenes at the Coronado Historical Association! Much of the buzz is around our wonderful historic scrapbook collection, which includes over 400 scrapbooks. For the last few years, CHA has been working on the prestigious California Revealed grant to get some of the scrapbooks digitized. California Revealed is a State Library-funded initiative to help local heritage groups digitize, preserve, and make accessible online historically significant materials that capture California’s history. 

Thanks to the California Revealed program, forty-two of CHA's scrapbooks are now digitally preserved and viewable online. The scrapbooks span from the turn of the twentieth century through the 1960s. They represent local groups such as the Coronado Women’s Club and Coronado High School; special events such as May Day and 4th of July parades; and prominent people including resident historian Dr. Ray Brandes.

Each week we're going to highlight one of these scrapbooks. This week, we're sharing Mary Howe's Coronado High School scrapbook from 1918. Enjoy flipping through the pages as if you were doing it in person!