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GEM Awards

Going the Extra Mile (GEM)

The Coronado Historical Association is dedicated to preserving our community’s special heritage and celebrating our past, present, and future.

In that spirit, every year since 2013 the Coronado Historical Association bestows a GEM award to the owner of a local home or business who by Going the Extra Mile accomplished exceptional results in preserving a Coronado cultural resource. These dedicated community members choose to restore rather than replace these structures, ensuring that Coronado’s architectural GEMs remain in place for generations to come.

2024 Community Nominees (click the underlined link to read more)

1045 Loma Avenue

Build year: 1926, Architectural Style: Mission Revival, Architect: Richard Requa, Builder: A.E. Keyes

1026 Flora Avenue

Build year: 1935, Architectural Style: Colonial Revival, Architect: Paul Hathaway

870 H Avenue

Build year: 1939, Architectural Style: California Ranch, Builder: Walter Vestal

520 J Avenue

Build year: 1938, Architectural Style: Spanish Revival Eclectic, Architect: Saul H. Brown

275 J Avenue

Build date: 1936, Architectural Style: California Ranch, Architect: Cliff May

1135 Loma Avenue

Build year: 1898, Architectural Style: Craftsman Bungalow

1315/1319 5th Street

Build Date: 1920, Architectural Style: Craftsman Bungalow (mirror image bungalows), Builder: John Edmund Alcaraz

350 D Avenue

Build date: 1937, Architectural Style: Spanish Mission Revival, Landscape Architect: Alfred Jaeger

519 Ocean Blvd

Build year: 1915, Architectural Style: Tudor, Architect: William Sterling Hebbard

874 A Avenue

Build Date: 1922, Architectural Style: Spanish Bungalow

2022 Community Nominees and Winner (click the underlined link to read more)

1030 Glorietta Blvd (Winner)

Built: 1939, Architectural Style: Colonial Revival, Architect: Paul Hathaway

500 J Avenue 

Built: 1937, Architectural Style: Spanish Eclectic, Architect/Builder: Walter Vestal

710 Glorietta Blvd 

Built: 1940, Architectural Style: Mediterranean, Architect/Builder: Walter Vestal

2021 Community Nominees (click the underlined link to read more)

1111 G Avenue

Built: 1914, Architectural Style: Bungalow, Architect: William Templeton Johnson; Builder Sidney D. Chapin

1127 F Avenue

Built:  1925, Architectural Style: Mission Revival, Architect: Richard Requa

855 Alameda Blvd

Built: 1936, Architectural Style: French Eclectic, Architect: Hurlburt, Frank, and Slaughter

532 Marina Place

Built: 1929, Architectural Style: Dutch Colonial Revival, Builder: A. M. Southard

545 Ocean Blvd

Built: 1910, Architectural Style: Tudor

535 Ocean Blvd

Built: 1911, Architectural Style: Italianate, Architect: William Sterling Hebbard

547 A Avenue (Winner)

Built: 1910, Architectural Style: Craftsman Cottage, Builder: E. Cameron

Click links below to see previous winners in these excerpts from the History Matters newsletter:

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