compiled by Cornelius O'Leary, CHA Research Volunteer

William Sterling Hebbard and Irving J. Gill are two of the most influential architects in San Diego architectural history. In 1896 they formed a partnership that lasted until 1907. 

The two were credited with designing several notable works in San Diego including the RichardsDupree Mansion, the George Marston House, the Gill House, and the Frederick R Burnham House among others. They have both been designated Master Architects by the city for their contribution to the city’s architectural heritage. 

In addition to their work in San Diego these partners would have a significant impact on the city of Coronado. They collaborated on almost twenty different buildings throughout the city. Four of the properties attributed to this noteworthy partnership have been designated as historic resources.

  • 1022 Adella Avenue (pictured above) was built in 1898. The home was designated as a Historic Resource in 2000 as an example of the Craftsman Bungalow style. 
  • 1118 Loma Lane was built in 1898. The home was designated as a Historic Resource in 2002 as an example of the French Eclectic architectural style.
  • 1015 Ocean Boulevard was built in 1902 and was Coronado’s largest home. The home, or more appropriately mansion, was designated as a Historic Resource in 2006 as an example of the Tudor architectural style. 
  • 723 A Avenue was built circa 1906 as the carriage house for the larger estate at 711 A Avenue. In the 1950's the estate property was divided and the carriage house was converted to a residence. In 2010 the home was designated as a Historic Resource as a special element of Coronado's aesthetic and architectural history. It is an example of the Tudor architectural style.

If you are interested in more details of these two famous architects, biographies of William Sterling Hebbard 6/3/20 and Irving J Gill 5/4/20 can be found posted on this CHA virtual museum site.

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