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Collection Use and Reproduction Fees

The Coronado Historical Association retains all rights to reproduction of photographs and works from the collection as the institution protecting said collections in the public trust to the fullest extent of the law. All reproductions must be credited as follows: Courtesy of the Coronado Historical Association Collection in a caption or credit. Permission is granted for one-time, non-exclusive use only. 

All reproduction fees directly benefit the care of the Association’s collection. Use Fees are per image, per medium. Association members receive a 10% discount. For inter-historical association/ museum use, please contact the Association’s Curator of Collections. The Association may require that once completed, one copy of the product containing the reproduction be furnished at no charge for all non-personal uses. All non-personal reproduction must be approved by the Board of Directors and fees are subject to the Association’s discretion. 

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Reproduction/Use Fees

Personal - $5 per image

No public or commercial use, for personal research or personal display in the home. Does not include any digital formats or any rights to use images online, including but not limited to, social media, websites.

Non Personal Use - Any use that will be outside of the personal sphere.



Historic Property Reports - Use for the City of Coronado's Historic Preservation Program and Historic Resource Commission review.  

$5 N/A

Publication - Use in books, periodicals, and other published works. 

Circulation / Print run less than 5,000 OR print-on-demand

Circulation / Print run over 5,000


Cover / Book Jacket









Non-Editorial - Unbound materials such as postcards, posters, calendars, brochures, company reports, or for murals or other artwork. 

Print run less than 5,000

Print run 5,000 or more





Electronic / Film - Includes editorial use in film, television, video, and CD. Does not include online use.



Filming - At the museum, one hour minimum.



Public Display - Use for large scale reproductions or displays for offices, businesses, or events. 



Presentations / Powerpoints - Use in educational PowerPoints, presentations, lectures. May not be used online. 



Production Fees


Black and White: 25 cents per page                            

Color: 50 cents per page     

In-House Scanning Fee: $10 Staff Fee

Outside Scanning Fee: Market Price + $10 Staff Fee

Professional Reproduction Prints:  Printed by a professional custom photographic digital imaging lab. Print fees are calculated and must be paid for at the time of order. Fees are based on the size, print backing, and shipping. Typical fees for paper print sizes 4x6 to 11x14 range from $10-30, but may vary. Shipped directly to you or available for pick up at the museum. To place a reproduction print order, please contact the Curator of Collections at (619) 435-7242. 

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