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From the Archive: Kathleen Cridge Scrapbook

This scrapbook highlights the goings on of Coronado High School in the 1920s, particularly sports and the arts. Some notable things in this scrapbook are the dedication of the new Coronado High School building on January 12, 1923, “Little Women” put on in the CHS Theater, the Girls Club annual “High Jinx,” and the victories of the CHS Football and Basketball teams.

From the Archives: Coronado Woman's Club 1954-56

One of the notable things in this yearbook is the CWC’s “Coroscope,” a play on words with the word “horoscope” typically associated with life predictions based on the zodiac signs. In this case, it documents what will be going on in the club for that particular month or astrological season. Primary sources like these give us a glimpse into the past and let us know the fine details that went into the everyday running of organizations such as the Coronado Women’s Club, a club still active today. This scrapbook shows more than just a small yearbook, something created by many women’s clubs throughout the 20th century, and is made into sections, first listed by year, and then by committee. Through this, we learn more about the lives and contributions of the women of Coronado and what they did for their community.

From the Archive: Holmes Family

Being able to view the Coronado Grammar School, as written in on the page selected from this scrapbook, is wonderful considering how clear the photo is. The photos on the second page of this selection mentions famous Coronado photographer Harold A. Taylor. It writes, “First job printing and developing film at Harold A. Taylor’s - April 16 - 1921.” One has a single exposure depicting the San Diego Harbor, whereas the second, with the writing mentioning Taylor, is a double exposure of the paper to the film. 

From the Archive: Mulhall Family

We return to the Mulhall Family’s scrapbooks this week, this one featuring regional and local scenes. One particular photo is from the Plaza de Panama for the Panama-California Exposition from 1916 to 1918. The exposition was held to celebrate San Diego being the first US stop after crossing the Panama Canal, and was held in Balboa Park. Coronado’s own John D. Spreckles was on the board of directors!