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Doing Our Part 4/3/20

How are we helping the community? By connecting people! 

At the Coronado Historical Association, we see it as our duty to help keep the community connected to it's past, present, and future. Read below to be informed of different updates from around the community. 

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Lubin Studios 4/2/20

Coronado’s Castle

By Joshua Dana, CHS Senior & Former CHA Intern 

Coronado has a storied history in connection with the film industry going all the way back to 1897, but nothing compares to the brief period from 1915 to 1916 when Coronado was the center of it all.  Siegmund “Pop” Lubin, the head of a Philadelphia-based global silent movie empire, was looking for a location for a new studio to expand the western division of his company and turned to Coronado.