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From the Archive: Gary Gallagher

Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day, and instead of a scrapbook today we will be looking at a photo of Gary Gallagher who earned a Navy Cross from his service in Vietnam. The Vietnam war lasted from November 1955 until April 1975, with California having 5,575 out of the total 58,281 American casualties. Gallagher was ranked Yeoman Third Class, one of the oldest rankings in the USN, earning his cross from action in the Mekong Delta region, October 10–11, 1968. His Navy Cross, however, was not awarded posthumously. Coronado has a rich history with the United States Military, being home to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado (NAB Coronado), which was the site of one of the two first Navy SEAL teams in the United States. NSWC or “WARCOM” was established in 1987 here in Coronado, with the leadership of Navy Special Operations force and the maritime component of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Today we honor everyone who gave their time or their lives during the Vietnam War.

From the Archive: Coronado Woman’s Club 1949-51

According to their yearbook in 1949, the Coronado Woman’s Club motto is “Courage to think truthfully, Wisdom to act watchfully, Compassion to live thoughtfully.” Club yearbooks, especially in the early 20th century, give insightful knowledge on the acts of service conducted by women’s clubs in the United States. This scrapbook shows more than just a small yearbook; it is made into sections that you can view here, first listed by year, and then by committee. Through these kinds of scrapbooks, we learn more about the lives of women in Coronado during the mid 20th century.

From the Archive: Coronado Woman’s Club 1947-49

This week we are featuring a scrapbook documenting the Coronado Woman’s Club’s activities and partnerships from 1947 to 1949. Inside is a small yearbook documenting club members, activities, financials and more. Primary sources like these give us a glimpse into the past and let us know the fine details that went into the everyday running of organizations such as the Coronado Woman’s Club, a club that is still active today. This scrapbook was recently digitized thanks to the California Revealed project through the California State Library.

From The Archive: Coronado Woman's Club 1956-58

The Coronado Woman’s Club has been shown off before in our scrapbook posts, and we are going to do it again! This week we feature a scrapbook of the Coronado Woman’s Club from 1956 to 1958, including a list of programs, activities, and partnership with other groups in town, such as the Camp Fire Girls and the local chapter of the Red Cross. This scrapbook was recently digitized thanks to the California Revealed project through the California State Library.